internship @ NL


In the begining of 2008 I decided to gain some work experience from the international architectural practice. First I contacted grant manager from my alma mater, and I took part in the first Leonardo program organised by AFAD. It is always good to plan in advance, I started to plan in january and left to intenship in october. Beside all the administration work, one of the most important things was to obtain acceptation letter from architectural practice abroad. I sent my CV with very shortlisted porfolio to about 30 studios in Europe which I consider interesting. I was accepted by three offices and I decided for Amsterdam based office NL architects, which are still one of my favorite on the list. After all necessary paperwork was done and aproved I was able to start plan my stay in Amsterdam. The NL architects office stuff was very helpfull with accommodation searching and all other things such as bike shop recomendation. I started in the office at the beginning of October. During my stay I worked on various commissions: first thing I worked on was a large scale model of housing Kameleon in Bijlmer. At this time is already built and inhabited. Than I worked on two competitions both for Amsterdam locations. This was the most interesting part of my internship since almost everyday we discussed design progress with all three principals of the studio. The critical reviews were changing the design proces rapidly. Beside this I was involved in few rendering jobs.  Looking back I can describe it as a really dense work experience.

The experience I consider as the most interesting is that each assigment was very well prepared  by investor. Each brief was full of specifications and restrictions. I found it very elaborated and specific goal orientated, comparing to many times very vague brief formulation in our region. The architect is than able to focus on topic which is already described, instead of wondering what is the goal of the assignment.

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